Heat Traced Flowlines

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ITP Interpipe strives to provide the most energy-efficient pipeline solutions to its clientele, by focusing on the application of engineering fundamentals in order to preserve the natural thermal energy source. From underground reservoirs to solar concentrators, we are dedicated to finding the best-performing solutions to enhance our clients’ operations.

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All our solutions are robust. They are conceived to suit local construction and are designed for the project lifetime, without the need for intervention.

Why does this matter?

In some cases, preserving the temperature in pipelines can make a significant difference.

For instance

  • It reduces the need for additives to mitigate wax and hydrates to ensure flow assurance in subsea flowlines.
  • It ensures efficient processes, which is key for solar concentrators and their molten salt reservoirs.
  • It reduces “waste”, which means less associated treatment for re-heat or gas compression.
  • It allows for long no-touch times that facilitate operational decisions for subsea flowlines.
  • It accommodates production in turndown scenarios, thanks to well-insulated flowlines.

How do our solutions enable architectures, reduce CAPEX and lower risks?

In addition to being efficient, our highly insulated pipe in pipe enables us to create architectures that result in reduced CAPEX and lower risk installations.
For instance

  • Our EHTF allow for a single-line tieback for subsea developments, which results in reduced CAPEX.
  • Our subsea cryogenic pipe in pipe is a jettyless solution. Eliminating the jetty structure and need for dredging allows for reduced CAPEX, but it also keeps the waterways open to local marine traffic and fishing vessels, which also lowers the risk and impact on communities.

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