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Quick Summary

  • 2014 - 2015
  • Fabricated in ITP yard in Normandy, France
  • J-lay PIP installed by the Seven Borealis in deep water Ghana
  • 45 km line, 6”/8” and 8”/10”
  • 34 km gas export line double-jointing
  • Fast Field-Joint Sleeve
PIP double-joint flowline and gas injection line fabrication and supply for deepwater installation in West Africa.

110°C Design Temperature

Swage J-lay PIP provides strain coupled design ideal for predictable and distributed behaviour of the flowline at high temperatures.

1 800 m Water Depth

PIP designed for the mechanical constraints and fatigue associated with deep water installation and operation.

U-value 1,14 W/m2.K

Ultra compact design with only 5 mm Izoflex to obtain the required U-value. This means better stability and less materials.

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