Insulated Subsea Flowlines

Our highly insulated subsea flowlines provide the necessary flow assurance for the demanding duties in subsea oil and gas transportation.
Subsea pipe-in-pipe (PIP) with low U-values enable long or single-line tiebacks for stranded reserves and address the flow assurance challenges of low wellhead temperature, high wax content and hydrate mitigation.

ITP Insulated Subsea Flowlines

Provide the best insulation in the market
Offer rapid installation
Enhance production
Enable CAPEX savings
Our systems are divided by types, according to their installation method.

ITP Flowlines for S- and J-lay

Using S- and J-Lay installation techniques, the subsea pipeline is constructed with a single offshore weld, using our insulated field joint sleeve and rapid curing resin. This allows for PIP to be installed as quickly as single-walled pipe.

S- and J-lay Systems Fabrication

Our S- and J-Lay systems are fabricated onshore, which allows for full control of the project execution. Our fabrication yard in Normandy, France is suited to double-joint (DJ) PIP production and enables us to deliver quickly and efficiently.

Fabrication can also take place externally if local content production is preferable. This represents an opportunity to train the local workforce and allows for a transfer of expertise. In-country production has been achieved in Nigeria, Angola, Peru, Oman, and elsewhere.

ITP Flowlines for Reeled

Unlike other systems available on the market, ITP Izoflex provides a more compact system while offering the same thermal performance, which means that more subsea pipe in pipe can be installed with a single reel.

The compressive strength of Izoflex allows for the use of PIP without needing centralizers. This provides enhanced thermal performance, ensures that there are no mechanical point loadings, and results in material CAPEX savings. The lack of spacers facilitates fabrication and reduces construction, installation, and operational risks.

Reeled PIP System Fabrication

Our reeled subsea flowlines are built at the installation contractor’s spool base in long stalks, in order to reel them onto the installation vessel.

Insulated Subsea Flowlines Specific Technologies


Our insulated subsea systems are all equipped with our micro-porous insulation called Izoflex, which is provided in custom dimensions to be wrapped around the inner pipe. With an as-installed conductivity of 0,007 W/m.K, the performance is at least twice as good as the next best pipeline insulation on the market! What’s more, load-bearing properties allow for continuous insulation, without requiring the use of centralizers.

Insulated Field-Joint Sleeve

Thanks to its Interpipe weld, an insulated rigid field-joint sleeve, and our Sleevelox® fast curing resin, our insulated subsea flowlines allow for rapid PIP installation.

Deep PIP

Our deep PIP provides an enhanced hang-off capacity for ultradeep water and features improved fatigue characteristics. The technology used is the same as for the standard J-lay PIP, except for the pipe upset ends at joint extremities. Deep PIP provides access to low U-values in ultra-deep water.

Performance Of Our Insulated Subsea Flowlines

Thanks to our highly innovative conception, ITP insulated subsea systems:

  • bring PIP with Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient (OHCT) or U-value down to 0.3 W/m2.K
  • increase S- and J-lay installation rates up to 3.5 km per day achieved on deepwater projects
  • are the only way to achieve low U-value insulated pipelines in ultra-deep water down to 4 000 m

Insulated Subsea Flowlines Projects

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