Ultra high temperature pipelines

Our Ultra High Temperature PIP enables the transfer of bitumen, asphalt, sulphur or heat transfer fluids (steam or liquid salts) at extremely high temperatures, that also may require heating.
Our ultra high temperature pipelines address the challenges of both the thermal and mechanical design associated with these complex systems.

Ultra High Temperature PIP:

Provides a Low U Value - long passive cooldown
Feature flow assurance through heating
Offer a low OPEX
Promise an efficient use of energy

Ultra High Temperature Pipeline Installation

The PIP architecture allows for the full burial of pipelines, facilitating their routing in congested industrial complexes and limiting environmental impact of export lines.


Izoflex LT®

Izoflex insulation provides the lowest conductivity in the pipeline market, so the Ultra high temperature PIP is the most compact resulting in narrower pipeline corridors. The non-ageing nature of Izoflex also means zero maintenance.


Our ultra high temperature pipeline design is equipped with heat traced wires rated for the heating of Asphalt or Bitumen.



Ultra high temperature PIP systems allow for the transfer of refinery products and fluids, such as:

  • Steam
  • Super Heated Air
  • Liquid Sulphur
  • Molten Salts
  • Bitumen
  • Asphalt

Many high temperature applications form part of systems where efficiency is critical. Our low U-value PIP solution provides this efficiency, enhancing the system performance.
In addition, many high temperature systems, for example Bitumen, sulphur or molten salts, require heating to ensure flow. The low U-value PIP with heat tracing results in low OPEX and an efficient use of energy.

Ultra High Temperature Pipelines Projects

Our experience includes pipeline studies from concept selection to detailed design, as well as EPC implementation for ultra-high temperature pipelines and marine loading.
Tubing for well stimulation or in-situ cracking up to 525°C
Heliofocus Solar Concentrator, (super heated air up to 600°C)
Petrojam Asphalt Export (Subsea heated export line for Asphalt at 180°C)
ExxonMobil CRISP (EPC for subsea heated bitumen pipeline at 230°C)