Downhole Application Tubing

Our vacuum insulated tubing solution (VIT) provides excellent insulation and non ageing performance to enhace production through steam injection, and produce parafinic and heavy oils. Insulated tubing enhaces geothermal efficiency and provides well integrity.

ITP Vacuum insulated tubing

Has excellent insulation properties with low U-values/K-values
Features insulated coupling design with vacuum insulation
Offers a constant thermal performance with time, non-ageing
Is Suitable to high temperature and high pressure (HP/HT) applications
No spacer required
Fits all connections

ITP Downhole VIT Solutions

Our vacuum insulated tubing solutions include various declinations:

Vacuum Insulated Tubing or I-Tubing®
Unlike standard vacuum insulated tubing, this VIT with threaded couplings features low as-installed U-value, thanks to its insulated junctions. Thanks to the use of our Izoflex technology, the I-Tubing® ensures constant performance with time and does not age due to vacuum degassing, hydrogen permeation or deterioration.

Insulated Coiled Tubing
Featuring our Izoflex technology, this tube-in-tube coiled tubing provides excellent insulation within compact tubing, resulting in an insulated solution that can be used for improved efficiency operations. In fact, our insulated coiled tubing ensures that the working fluid heat is brought exactly where it is needed.

Benefiting from our I-Tubing® technology and a robust heat traced system, this unique vacuum insulated tubing offers a heat loss that is negative or equal to 0. Ideal for paraffinic oil, this solution allows the fluid to be heated through the tubing line.

Vacuum Insulated Casing or I-Casing
With a similar technology to our I-Tubing® solution, this vacuum insulated casing is used for casing and can be cemented in place.


Insulated Tubing Technologies

Izoflex DH®

Izoflex uses a vacuum pressure 100 to 1000 times higher than conventional VIT, which ensures there is no risk of degradation with time. Its load bearing properties allow to get rid of spacers in the annulus. It also offers the lowest conductivity on the market and requires zero maintenance.

Bayonet Threaded Coupling Insulation

This insulation technology is critical to the overall performance of the line, as it ensures low junction heat leak, thanks to its insulated couplings at every joint length. The premium I-Tubing® design features vacuumed Izoflex at the junction too. The bayonet design fits all tubing and coupling types. This separates ITP I-Tubing® performance from other solutions on the market.

Thermal Oil Recovery—TOR

Our TOR technology heats an oil reservoir by conduction, using a circulation of hot fluid within the wells. The use of thermal oil recovery technology requires highly insulated tubing in order to avoid most thermal losses between the surface heat source and the production zone. Heating the oil drastically reduces the pressure drawdown by reducing oil viscosity in the reservoir around the well, which offers proven production improvement.

EHTT— Extremely High Temperature Tubing

EHTT is a sophisticated tubing which allows extremely hot fluids (up to 525 °C) to circulate, in order to produce oil shale deposits.

Downhole VIT Performance

Thanks to a unique patented design that prevents heat loss at the junctions and offers steady insulation performance over time, our vacuum insulated tubing string U-value is inferior to 0,8 W/m2.K. This means that it provides seven times less heat loss than conventional VIT.

What’s more, our downhole VIT uses the best thermal insulation system available on the market, in order to offer high thermal insulation performance within compact tubing. Concretely, 400 kW thermal power can be provided using 2” OD coiled tubing.

Our capabilities for this solution includes

› VIT conception for specific metallurgical requirements
› Custom sizing and mechanical design
› Made-to-require thermal performance
› Full process supply for TOR applications

Benefits for our Clientele

Our clients include large operators, independent operators and tubing suppliers. They have chosen our vacuum insulated tubing because it allows for:
› Increased production through efficient well stimulation using steam injection;
› Reduced CAPEX thanks to a constant thermal performance and longer tubing life;
› Increased production by mitigating wax/paraffin deposition and reducing downtime for scraping operations;
› Reduced OPEX on paraffinic oil wells, by reducing the downtime for scraping operations or chemical injections;
› Efficient flow assurance, as it eliminates coupling cold spots;
› Reduced environmental impact for hot well fluids (geothermal, permafrost protection, water table protection);
› Ensured well integrity by protecting the well completion from hot well fluid (protecting non-thermal cementation, annular pressure build-up (APB) mitigation).
› Increased heat production by geothermal well.

Vacuum Insulated Tubing Projects

Today, it is one of the main suppliers worldwide with operations in many countries such as Oman, Canada, Gabon, Colombia and Congo.