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The world’s first fully buried Cryogenic pipeline for the loading of Ethane and LNG from an existing jetty to a new storage tank. The two parallel 24” lines are buried along a congested corridor with dozens of bends and several road crossings. For the design temperature of -168°C , a high-performance PIP was required to limit boil-off gas and enable a fully constrained buried application, without expansion loops. ITP was contracted in 2015 for the engineering, procurement, pre-fabrication and installation supervision. The system is operating since early 2017.


A PIP with a 24’’ 36%Ni inner pipe allowed for fully constrained buried PIP. A U-value of 0,1 W/m2.K was provided.
First-class suppliers were selected for the procurement of the pipes, hot induction bends, bulkheads forged pieces, thermal insulation and leak detection system.
Our fabrication in yard in Normandy was mobilized for pre-fabrication of PIP.
Engineering and pre-fabrication were completed on a fast track basis, within 10 months from Purchase Order placement to FOB delivery.

Key to success

  • Agility and support of supply chain for fast-track execution.
  • Well qualified system ready for implementation, despite being world’s first application.
  • Client wisdom to be able to assess and mitigate risks so as to implement the safest solution available in a pragmatic manner.
  • Pipeline Integrity Monitoring capability.
  • 36%Ni weld qualification carried out by ITP and provided to Contractor.
  • Engineering included specification for installation and ITP provided onsite supervision to ensure compliance with design requirements.
  • Design, procurement, pre-fabrication and construction of PIP certified by DNV-GL.

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