And Developpement

As a market leader in thermally insulated pipeline systems, ITP Interpipe is continuously expanding the application range of existing solutions and developing new systems.

Our motivation

Our goal is to deliver highly efficient, robust and real-world systems that create new opportunities for our clients.

Our dedication to innovation

At ITP Interpipe, we pride ourselves on innovating:

  • By developing applications for new materials
  • Through systems integration
  • By deploying innovating fabrication methods
  • By enabling new markets

Our expertise and facilities

We have the know-how to develop new systems and qualify them through testing and programs to address custom projects and non-standardized requirements. Thanks to our testing facilities located at our headquarters, we can carry out material characterization and bench-top trials. We also have a unique expertise and the infrastructure to carry out electrical component qualification to develop and validate EHTF wire solutions.

Full-scale qualification programs are executed in our fabrication facilities in Normandy, France.

Technology development

Our technology development is guided by the objective assessment of the system maturity. We use Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) as per the American Petroleum Institute norms (API 17N). The TRL system allows for a comparable understanding of the system maturity and is comparable to many of our clients’ in-house TRL systems.

Our realizations

A large number of our projects are world firsts, which is a great source of pride for all our employees and is a testimony to our R&D capabilities and our know-how for the implementation of market-leading solutions.