Insulated Riser Tubing

Insulated Workover Riser (WOR) is an insulated PIP system with threaded couplings allowing for extended well testing, early production systems (EPS) or can form part of an emergency intervention system.
ITP combines the PIP technology with the insulated downhole tubing know-how to provide a highly insulated threaded riser pipe with low U-values.

Insulated work-over riser (WOR) provides the following opportunities to the operator:

Extended well testing with difficult production fluids
Early production system (EPS) with flow assurance for unknown or unpredictable fluids
Integral part in an Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) to evacuate product whilst mitigating hydrate formation

WOR Installation

Installed with drill-ship equipment, the WOR is well suited for extended well testing and EPS, since the insulation provides the flow assurance for varying fluid propertiess.
As part of an EPRS, the WOR can provide a conduit for evacuation of product. The insulation mitigates hydrate formation, and used in conjunction with insulated coiled tubing, to bring thermal power, the WOR can be implemented for a number of spill capture scenarios.

Insulated Riser PIP Technologies

Our WOR tubing is insulated with Izoflex®, which holds the lowest conductivity on the market, while requiring no maintenance. When used to insulate riser pipe, Izoflex provides a compact system with incomparable U-values.

The WOR PIP is suited to all standard high quality couplings.

Performance Of Our Insulated Riser (WOR) Tubing

ITP’s WOR Tubing features holds unique performances. Thanks to the best thermal insulation system available on the market, our insulated riser tubing solution offerts high thermal insulation performance within compact tubing.

Our system is qualified with tubing supplier and Operators.