And Engineering

PIP are specialized systems with particular behavior and considerations to be taken into account for the system design. Our insulated pipeline solutions are designed for project-specific criteria using applicable design codes, standards and local regulations. We provide a full suite of specialized engineering for the successful procurement, construction, installation and operation of our PIP systems.

Engineering Studies

We support our clients by supplying upfront engineering and studies, such as:
› field development
› concept selection
› feasibility assessment
› front-end engineering & design (FEED) and
› detailed design

We provide a complete technical and economic assessment of the pipeline systems so that our clients can make the most informed decisions. ITP is not constrained by its own assets and provides pipeline solutions that are best suited to the project requirements.

Numerical modeling (FEA)

We have the in-house capacity to carry out numerical modeling (FEA) of the particular PIP features such as bulkheads and field joints.

Real-world systems

As a pipeline solution developer, we understand the intricacies of pipeline behavior and their application to real-world situations.

In the context of a project, our detailed design package considers all aspects of pipeline design, including the analysis of:
› mechanical considerations
› thermal considerations
› Seismic factors
› Corrosion factors
› In-situ behavior, etc.

We also provide welding, inspection and construction specifications for the PIP and project requirements. For instance, a PIP provides a unique leak detection system, for which ITP carries out design and specification. Another example would be our EHTF system, which incorporates heating wires within the PIP annulus. Since the wire development and testing are carried out by ITP in our in-house testing facilities, we have the knowledge required to fully design the EHTF heating architecture.

Procurement specifications

Our engineering team provides all input for the material and procurement specifications and inspection test plans for all procurement activities.

Support at implementation

ITP provides support to the construction contractor to ensure that implementation is carried out in-line with the design intent.