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Quick Summary

  • Installed 2020
  • 20 km
  • 10,75” / 16” PIP
  • CRA lined pipe
  • U-value < 0,5 W/m2.K
  • Design temperature 130°C
  • FlowsureAx heating wires
  • Reel lay in 450 m WD
The first active heating EHTF system deployed in Norwegian North Sea in collaboration with Subsea 7.

Continuous Heating

Continuous heating is possible for flow assurance. The resistive heating together with the efficiency of PIP means low power consumption.

Single-line tieback

EHTF enables single line tieback to existing facilities. Low power requirements limit the topside brown-field modifications

Compact PIP

Izoflex insulation allows for excellent U-value in a compact PIP. For reeling this means more PIP on the reel or enabling larger flow diameters.

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