Life Of Field

Our PIP systems have specific characteristics and afford certain opportunities like leak detection, adjustable insulation properties or ease of repair.

Beyond the project lifetime

Although our pipeline systems are designed for a given project lifetime, we are available to support our clients in potential interventions on PIP systems or to provide pipeline integrity systems, like annulus pressure monitoring or fibre-optic DTS for temperature sensing. With an intricate knowledge of the system design, materials and PIP behaviour, ITP can also help with the assessment of asset lifetime extension or provide decommissioning assistance.

Instrumentation and monitoring

We have also developed through-pipe-wall interrogation methods that allow for the reading instrumentation within the PIP annulus. This presents a multitude of options to monitor pipelines, either for online integrity/behavioral analysis or to glean operational data. Our sensors can be interrogated through near-field communications by remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) or operators.