Heat Traced Flowlines

Our electrically heat traced flowlines (EHTF) are the ultimate tool in flow assurance. The reeled EHTF provides active heating enabling the prodcution with single line tiebacks and mitigates wax and hydrate formation.
Our heat traced flowlines can be used in hydrate and wax mitigation. Allowing pressurized shut-in and independent flowline control, our EHTF simplifies operations and minimises production downtime.

ITP Electrically Heat Traced Flowlines

Require no use of chemicals
Allow for independent pipeline operation
Enable single-line tiebacks
Eliminate hydrate and wax risk
Reduce risks of production upsets or unplanned shutdowns

EHTF Installation

Developed jointly with our partner Subsea 7, our electrically heat traced flowlines are implemented through reeling, with the state of the art vessels in Subsea 7’s fleet. EHTF allows for unique single-line tieback architectures without the need for historical flow assurance mitigations (chemicals).

These heat traced pipelines can be used:
› To eliminate pipeline blockages and downtime associated with wax build-up or hydrate plug formation;
› To pilot the fluid arrival temperatures and thus optimise top-side production operations;
› To avoid any cooldown through pipeline heating, enabling independent pipeline operations when linked to manifolds or tied into non-operated assets, thus minimising production downtime and risk of production upset.


Our electrically heat traced flowlines feature heated wires located under the Izoflex insulation within the inner pipe. They are built using three trademarked technologies:


our innovative heat traced flowline


efficient insulation, offering the lowest conductivity in the pipeline market


 our wire architecture developed for the EHTF system and the specific requirements of the EHTF environment. We have developed a unique savoir-faire in electrical system design and performance and we are able to deliver custom electrical testing in our development facilities.



This efficient technology ensures a low power system of resistive heating, ten to fifteen times less power hungry than traditional DEH systems for similar duty. In fact, the EHTF requires less than 10 W/m for typical hydrate mitigation.

Low conductivity
What’s more, the low conductivity of Izoflex also provides the most compact system, as well as the largest flow diameter for the same outer diameter.

Predictable corrosion behaviour
Contrary to direct heating solutions, no current is passed in the pipelines themselves. This ensures robust operations and predictable corrosion behaviour, with traditional corrosion mitigation techniques.

Operational Flexibility
In passive operations, the Izoflex also allows for long no-touch times, providing operational flexibility.


Heat Traced Flowlines Projects

Our EHTF system implementations include projects for AkerBP and BP.