Our vision is to offer the most performant solutions on the market in the thermally insulated and heated pipeline sector. Using fundamental engineering principles, we strive to enhance production, reducing the dependence on chemical additives and allowing for the efficient use of natural resources.


Our mission is to deliver the safest and most robust pipelines and tubing solutions around the world with the highest thermal efficiency in order to enhance our client’s performance in relation to energy transfer - from conception to project implementation.


We are devoted to our client’s success, which is why we commit to offering highly performing solutions while respecting budgets and timelines defined initially. The well-being of our colleagues is essential, which is why we ensure that they always benefit from optimal working conditions in a fully secure environment.
Innovation drives us. To keep being the leaders of the market in our field, our multidisciplinary engineers have access to testing facilities dedicated to research and innovation. This increases our agility and allows us to offer tailored solutions to our clients and to best meet their project’s needs during the execution phase.
In order to deliver highly innovative and robust solutions, there is no place for error. Neither for you, nor for us. Our processes and solutions are executed with rigor and expertise.