Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) can be a way to reduce the effect of carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere. CO2 transport benefits from insulated system to offset cooling or preserve its liquid state.
Our highly insulated pipeline solutions are well adapted to minimise CO2 heat gain or heat loss, depending on its transport state. This allows for high temperature, dense phase cryogenic transport or environmental protection of injection wells using insulated casings.

Our carbon capture solutions:

Are adapted for liquid CO2 transport
Reduce thermal impact on the environment
Offset Joule Thomson cooling

Carbon Capture and Storage

CCS can involve transportation by pipeline, trucking, rail or ships from point source of production to inert storage locations, such as sub-surface depleted gas reservoirs.

CO2 can be transported as liquid (refrigerated or hot), as compressed gas or in supercritical phase. These conditions require heating, cooling or compression of the CO2. Our insulated pipeline solutions reduce the amount of heat loss or heat gain, thus improving CCS efficiencies.

For instance, heated or highly insulated pipelines can provide the necessary heating to offset Joules Thomson cooling when expanding into depleted reservoirs. In addition, insulated casings protect the environment from the cold CO2 during injection and ensure well integrity.

Carbon Capture And Storage Technologies

The technologies associated with our refrigerated, reeled or heat-traced solutions are well-suited for the transportation of CO2 in its liquid or gas phase and our downhole tubing solutions provide well integrity against excessive cooling of the environment.

Carbon Capture And Storage Projects