Engineering & Supply

Procurement, pre-fabrication and field construction support for Corpus Christi LPG.

PIP Engineering & Supply

Design, procurement, pre-fabrication and field construction support for Camisea Subsea Pipeline Loading System.


The conventional trestle originally proposed for this project was the victim of local objections. These objections were based on the high visibility of such lines and concern that a trestle would interfere with fishing boat routes. The trestle was also subject to a risk of collision over the anticipated 35-year project life and was higher in cost than the subsea option.

Limited Boil-Off

While the system is designed to continuously circulate product through the cryogenic lines to keep them cold, the system’s thermal performance resulted in such a low boil-off rate that the pipelines can be shut-in between shipments for longer than a week and still maintain operating temperatures.

PIP Supply

Design, procurement, pre-fabrication and construction supervision for BPCL West Bengal Haldia LPG terminal.


World-class thermal performance and ability to bury the PIP in congested corridor with national highway, national rail track and populated areas was critical for BPCL. Fast track execution was required to meet Clients agressive schedule.

PIP installation was conducted during difficult and unpredictable Covid-19 pandemic, with related lockdown / stoppage of the works prior completion.

Key to success

Anticipation and Flexibility was required to adjust to schedule’s constraints and modification. Engineering anticipated Procurement requirements and advance long-lead delivery schedule. All detailed guidelines and specifications were accelerated to facilitate operations and contractor’s training for pipe-in-pipe assembly activities. The PIP was designed to ease assembly with modular construction activities.

In the face of pandemic and travel restrictions, ITP immediately implemented a remote quality control process to enable the client to continue his installation operations with local quality control on site.