HP/HT 155°C and 600 bar

Custom design with tulip inserts to ensure distributed strain coupling to handle thermal expansion and transients.

Compact design

First Use of Izoflex as pipeline insulation providing a U-value of 1,2 W/m2.K in a compact deign.


Full penetration outer pipe welding coupled with tulip design allowed for required expansion and fatigue behaviour.

110°C Design Temperature

Swage J-lay PIP provides strain coupled design ideal for predictable and distributed behaviour of the flowline at high temperatures.

1 800 m Water Depth

PIP designed for the mechanical constraints and fatigue associated with deep water installation and operation.

U-value 1,14 W/m2.K

Ultra compact design with only 5 mm Izoflex to obtain the required U-value. This means better stability and less materials.

Single-joint PIP

Single-joint PIP provides access to high performance U-value whilst enabling PIP installation with local lay-barge.

Local Content

Robust implementation for market leading performance fabricated in-country.

U-value <0,9 W/m2.K

Ultra compact design to obtain the required U-value. This means lower top tensions, better stability and less materials.