A full scope of highly insulated pipeline solutions, from field development to field life services.


Supporting the whole life of your applications





  • Field Development Planning

(reservoir modelling, field architecture)​



  • Engineering and Development

    • Conceptual engineering and FEED

(FEA models)

ITP provides engineering services related to pipeline system selection  and their integration into project development architectures. Together with pipeline mechanical design ability, flow assurance know-how and construction knowledge, ITP is able to assist in the selection of pipeline systems to optimise Oprerators’ needs during concept selection and screening.


For pipe-in-pipe systems, ITP provides more detailed mechanical and thermal design together with construction specifications to meet FEED level specification and associated costing.


Working with industry partners, ITP can provide a complete engineering package including the geotechnical aspects of onshore or subsea implementation together with the appropriate construction / installation methods and the design of associated infra-structure, for example loading berths.


  • System design

(rendering solar or other)

ITP has a variety of standard pipe-in-pipe solutions to address industry needs. However, these solutions are designed for the various project constraints and specifications. In addition, custom solutions can be designed, drawing on ITP’s know-how in pipeline systems, thermal management and mechanical design. This could apply to very high temperature, rotating joints, or high thermal efficiency structures. ITP’s developed expertise in electrical systems allows for innovative solutions for active heating.


  • Research, Development and Innovation

(testwork, vigra, resin…)

As a market leader in thermally insulated pipeline systems, ITP is continuously developing to expand the application range of existing solutions and to develop new solutions. Development is carried out in the domain of materials, system integration, fabrication methods and new solutions, R&D is centred on excellence in solutions whilst reducing Operator’s CAPEX and providing robust real-world systems.


  • Testing and qualification

ITP’s Ranville facility allows in-project testing to demonstrate thermal performance and carry out necessary PQT’s such as the field-joint resin injection.

(resin PQT, thermal test)


As part of the development and implementation of EHTF™ systems, ITP has in-house electrical test facilities for high voltage / frequency, accelerated ageing and vacuum testing. This expertise allows for the specification of appropriate wire systems and develop wire architectures to meet demanding heat-trace requirements.

Images: lab


Third party test facilities and laboratories are also used for mechanical testing, including full scale bending tests or cryogenic material properties.


  • Project Excecution

    • Project management

(teams, clients / suppliers)

ITP provides integrated solutions requiring multi-discipline interaction, often including multiple geographical locations. ITP prides itself on delivering within budget and on schedule. Project management is a vital part of solution delivery, insuring quality of solutions and delivery, and ultimately Client satisfaction.


  • Detailed engineering

(Office teams)

Installation, ECA, materials, buckling, FEA, expansion, materials, CP


  • Procurement

(wire, Izoflex, bends)

ITP has qualified suppliers to provide the various components for the integrated PIP solutions, these include: insulation, steel pipe, wires, connectors, instrumentation, fibre optic, etc.

ITP carries our supplier audits and inspection as per the company and project quality plan to insure the integrity of the ITP system.


  • Logistics

(sleeve/ pipe transport, cranes, vessels)

ITP can deliver according to Incoterms required by the project.

The Ranville fabrication site in accessible by permit load trucks carrying up to 25 m long pipes. The site has its own quay with access to the English Channel, and is 2 km from the bulk port of Blanville, which has a deep draught quayside. Larger container ports of Le Havre and Caen are accessible by truck.



  • Fabrication

ITP provides fully fabricated solutions to best suit the project logistics.​

ITP’s full PIP and insulated tubing fabrication facility in Normandy is well suited to efficient fastrack fabrication where cost and quality are key. Capable of exporting quad-joints to deep draught vessels, the site is ideally situated with access to the North Sea, and the necessary industrial infrastructure provided by the Caen region. As a central European fabrication hub, with typical pipe handling equipment, the site is also available to contractors for other fabrication, for example special pieces or double jointing.

See About ITP – Fabrication Site.


  • Local content

(MAJUS, Angola, canada, Peru)

ITP’s systems can be fabricated by a local workforce in existing or bespoke facilities. ITP systems have been fabricated in Canada, USA, Peru, Chile, Scotland, UAE, Nigeria, Angola, Congo and Sultanate of Oman.

The PIP fabrication equipment is portable and can shipped and set up within the materials procurement lead times.

The fabrication equipment and processes are sufficiently robust to ensured quality, even in remote or challenging locations. The operators are trained during fabrication ramp-up, without the need for high technology or specific expertise.



  • Construction supervision

(RIL / Peru)

ITP engineers supervise the local construction contractor to ensure system quality and construction in-line with the mechanical and thermal design intent. This can include such aspects as storage, handling, welding procedures, field-jointing, integrity testing, cold bending and finally testing and commissioning.


  • Quality assurance and control

(TEN and at supplier)

Particularly for local content fabrication, ITP provides the required engineers to ensure ITP’s processes are respected by the local workforce in collaboration with the local contractor. This includes the quality assurance of insulation application, swaging, and system integration. In addition to a supervision / quality assurance role, ITP technicians provide the necessary setup and maintenance of ITP’s fabrication equipment.


  • Installation assistance

(Resin equipment / offshore)

ITP provides installation procedures and certified engineers or technicians for operations on the installation vessels to ensure field-jointing integrity or reduced pressure oprations.

The resin injection associated with the S- and J-lay flowline system is carried out by ITP’s field-joint team together with dedicated resin injection equipment, suited to the fast curing field-joint resin.


  • Commissioning assistance
    field work / instruments


  • Life of Field

    • Asset integrity

(measurement, operations, control room)

Capabilities in detail


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