ITP InTerPipe

Onshore pipelines

With the exploitation of more complicated heavy or waxy oil fields onshore, and the increasing need to transport cryogenic liquids (liquefied gas and petrochemical products) further distances, ITP had adapted proven flowline and cryogenic technology for high performance thermally insulated pipelines for onshore application.


Implement proven thermally insulated pipeline systems on-shore to allow for more marginal field development and overland transport of cryogenic liquids.


Insulated pipe lengths are custom fabricated into PiP sub-assemblies, on-site or in ITP facilities for assembly on-site into continuous strings. Pipelines can be constructed aerially or buried, and serve both hot, for example liquid sulphur, vapour, heavy and waxy oils, and cryogenic applications, for example liquefied natural or petroleum gases or petrochemical products such as ethylene.

Onshore pipeline systems are compatible with heat-traced solutions.


  • Minimal temperature loss or gain for long distance allowing longer or more marginal systems to be developed.
  • Increased control for heat-traced systems.
  • Decrease in associated heating or cooling costs and emissions.
  • Conventional construction techniques.
  • Custom design to provide the thermal and mechanical properties and meet the regulatory requirements for each application.

ITP Camisea pipeline onshore section, Peru


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